Meet the Team: Our Logo Designer Paul J. Morehead

“My mission as a storyteller is to promote the possibilities of human potential through all forms of visual storytelling. By using only the most efficient, sustainable solutions in my process I can limit the impact on my environment to best serve our planet.” 
– Paul J. Morehead Jr. Animator/Storyteller/Teacher

It is rare you will find Paul J. Morehead without a sketchbook. At first you may assume Paul is an archeologist marking a site for excavation. Or a foreigner or tourist recording his journey. Both of these assumptions are not far off. When Paul isn’t scribbling, animating, or teaching the “art of seeing,” he is contemplating life’s mysteries, practicing Transcendental Medtation, performing healing work or DJing a gig in his hometown Fairfield, IA. Paul holds a BA in Digital Media from Maharishi University of Management (MUM), a certificate from VanArts 2D animation program in Vancouver, Canada. Most recently he completed a semester of Classical Life Drawing from The Animation Workshop in Denmark. If you ask him what he does, he will say, “I am a storyteller. A visual artist, sure. But that comes afterward. I let the message dictate the medium.”

Working as a professional freelance animator/illustrator for the past three years, Paul landed his first job as the lead animator and creative consultant for Grasshorse Animation Studios, in Mt. Pleasant, IA. It was there he co-taught a three-week intensive on the fundamentals of animation to a variety of Midwesterners, in the hopes to prepare potential Grasshorse employees. The recorded lectures from this class also helped initiate the new animation program at the Southeast Community College. At Grasshorse he received two Gold Addy Awards for ‘Best of TV’, and ‘Interactive Media Categories.’ Paul has also given animation lectures at MUM, the OCC University in Beijing, China, and taught a summer drawing & animation camp in Fairfield, IA. Recently co-teaching a workshop through the Beauty Shop’s ‘Musician Residency Program’ with Denver native, Laura Goldhamer.

Paul has a deep-rooted appreciation for of all forms of visual storytelling. Paul is currently writing a series of Modern “Micro Myths” for the awakening generation of young adults.

“My goal is to create an online interactive community that unifies different traditional cultures and spiritual backgrounds to a new understanding through storytelling. It will be a platform of learning how to reclaim our indigenous power by celebrating what makes us human. Company Motto: Educate, alleviate then celebrate. Educate people about life’s mystery, alleviate fear from separation, difference, or the unknown, and celebrate the universal nature of our species.”

 Thanks Paul for creating this beautiful logo, and best of luck with all your endeavors!


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