The Cultured Goat


By Jan Swinton

Dean Goodale’s Sustainable Farms Development Group has just started a new enterprise: The Cultured Goat Dairy. This is the second dairy processing facility currently operating in Jefferson County, and has been selling fresh chevre goat cheese in three flavors: honey, herb and plain since July. They also plan on selling a goat Camembert in the near future .The milking, processing and cheese culturing is all done on the farm in a state inspected facility located on 140th St. north of Fairfield.

Although the cheese is not yet certified organic, sustainable practices are in place on the farm. The goat herd plays and grazes on Certified Organic pastures, they eat Certified Organic hay and some organic grain as well. Starting this fall their corn will be from the farm’s certified organic corn crop that appears to be holding up relatively well during this year’s drought.

“The Cultured Goat” Cheese is available at Hy-Vee and Everybody’s in Fairfield and is served at the Top of the Rock and The Crepe Escape restaurants. In Iowa City The Cultured Goat can be found at the 1st Ave, Waterfront and Coralville Hy-Vee stores as well as both New Pioneer Coops.

This farm operation is one of 6 stops on the Hometown Harvest Farm Crawl set for Sunday, September 9, from noon to 6pm. The public is welcome to tour any of these farms in any order on that day. Maps of the whole route are available at each farm, and at the Fairfield HyVee & Everybody’s Grocery. For more information, please call the Hometown Harvest office at 641-472-6177.

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