Wooden Wheel Winery

By Jan Swinton

The Wooden Wheel Winery at1179 Hwy 92 is a new work in a Century Farm setting.  Owned by Mike and Connie Vincent, the renovations to the old barn have made the farm a rural destination for weddings and other special occasions.  You are welcome at the tasting room most any day, but this special farm crawl event gives you an opportunity to see the workings of the grape crushing, wine processing and bottling as well as walk through the vineyards.  


Where the tall corn once stood, there are now long rows of grape arbors.  Several varieties of grapes grown on the farm are carefully blended, fermented and sweetened to create a locally delicious new wine.  You can taste and purchase this delicious wine on the farm crawl.  

The new building on the property is a grapes-to-wine processing and bottling center for this family-owned winery.  The whole operation is one of 6 stops on the Hometown Harvest Farm Crawl set for Sunday, September 9, from noon to 6pm.  You are welcome to tour any of these farms in any order on that day.  Maps of the whole route are available at each farm, and at the Fairfield HyVee & Everybody’s Grocery.  For more information, please call the Hometown Harvest office at 641-472-6177. 

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