Withrow Garden–Fresh Veggies Spring, Summer, Fall

By Jan Swinton

Barb Withrow and her husband have been creative in the placement of gardens in their little corner of Packwood, IA.  This traditional market garden features early spring peas, broccoli and asparagus, summertime beans (of several colors), peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and plenty of tomatoes and an abundant fall garden of vine and root crops including cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, potatoes, beets and onions.  The quaint setting of a tiny Iowa town is refreshing and unique.

In Barb’s shady yard, Chef Liz Paltrow will be smoking fresh root vegetables.  This delicious mix of sweet potato, onion, garlic and acorn squash will be smoking fresh all afternoon.  Savor the Flavor!

Withrows’ traditional market garden is one of 6 stops on the Hometown Harvest “Savor the Flavor” Farm Crawl set for Sunday, September 9, from noon to 6pm.  You are welcome to tour any of these farms in any order on that day.  Maps of the whole route are available at each farm, and at the Fairfield HyVee & Everybody’s Grocery.  For more information, please call the Hometown Harvest office at 641-472-6177.

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