Great article on the CSA experience by local sustainability writer James Schleppenbach. Check out his blog for more from soil ecology to deep ecology and environmental philosophy, food and agriculture.

Creative Intelligence

In CSA farming there is a special interaction between farmer and consumer that doesn’t happen on large scale and industrial farms. Members of the CSA farm have a direct relationship with the food that is grown, and becoming a shareholder often means becoming more intimate with the local food system. CSA members often care more about the details of the food they get from the farm, and rightfully so, they have a stake in it! The CSA farmers, managers, and workers are like public servants catering to the needs and wants of their community. It’s beautiful when you meet people like Jenny, who, when she comes to pick up her weekly share is carrying an 8 month-old in her womb. Who wouldn’t feel good knowing that her baby is being nourished by the highest quality, freshest, and most organic food possible! As I hand her the bag, I congratulate her…

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