Featured Vendor: (bath•ologie)

Have you ever wanted to make your own soaps? What about a custom bath or beauty product? Stephanie Ellis invites you to do just that, and “Invent your scent with bath•ologie!” A buffet of natural and organic products allow you to select exactly what ingredients you want, while Stephanie keeps your recipe on track to ensure a successful finished product.


Bathologie is described as, “The original home of the custom blending bar where you design your own bath and body collection. Our fresh, custom blended bath, body and home collection is available exclusively through in-home blending bars by Independent Bathologists.”

So what is a blending bar? “A Blending Bar is an interactive party where every guest enjoys inventing their custom scent to be added to any of our natural and organic products.” You can even “Complete the customization process by designing your own label.”

Stephanie recently became a bathologist. She says, “I am excited to have a flexible and fun way to market a quality product. I always like to be busy and since I completed my masters degree in engineering I wanted to find something that motivated me to keep learning and growing. I researched over 50 potential outlets to devote my time outside of work to and am so excited and think I made a great choice.”

You’re invited to the bath•ologie party at this year’s Green Fair!

Saturday April 2nd 8:30am-4:30pm, Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Expo Hall

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