Green Drinks in the month of Janus

January is named after Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, endings, transitions, who has two faces: one to look backward and one to look forward. The EcoFairfield team invites you to join us in reflecting on local sustainability accomplishments of 2012 and sharing sustainability initiatives for 2013. We look forward to updating everyone on the EcoFestival project and honoring Local Rockstar David Fisher. Dr. Fisher is chief custodian of the EcoFair/ EcoFairfield tradition, head of MUM’s sustainable living department, retired county frog census taker, and pivotal in building MUM’s new Sustainable Living Center.

When: January 25, 2013, 7–8:30 pm

Where: TBA


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October Green Drinks!

Time to gather once again, appreciate Local Rockstar Francis Thicke, share community news and sustainability projects, visit with old friends and make new ones. And of course, enjoy some food and beverage.

Location: Revelations Cafe and Bookstore, 112 N Main Street.  We will be in the side room at the big corner table.

When: Friday October 26, 7-8:30 pm

7:30pm: Local Rockstar Appreciation by Patrick Bosold
followed by
Talking Points:
*New Adopt-A-Shelf program at the PreReStore

*Make a Difference Day, Saturday October 27th

*Local coach and entrepreneur Seth Braun’s new book, Indestructible Success

E-mail talking point suggestions to or call 641-233-1138 and leave a message with your name, the topic, and how to contact you. Please note talking points should be 1-3 minutes

Something You Just Don’t See Often


When was the last time you walked into a bookstore and saw a stand with a prominent display that said,
“Ultimate Success Book For Conscious, Creative, Holistically Minded Entrepreneur Business Owners”

– it just doesn’t happen… you have to wade through a bunch of books on marketing, sales, money, speaking, goal-setting, time management, productivity, spirituality and then weave them together on your own…

Not Any More!

Our very own Seth Braun has done it with his new book, Indestructible Success: Creative Entrepreneurship and The Art of Small Business. 


For a limited time, you can get an expanded package of excellent content for FREE (including eBooks, Videos and Audio from thought leaders around the country)

If you are serious about success, this could be the best $25 investment you can make in your career.

But don’t take my word for it, check out what other have to say:

“Seth Braun’s message is a professional and spiritual transmission. This book works on you from the inside out, evoking a new level of clarity, purpose and power. Lots of books provide skills and strategies–this one makes you want to wake up, stand up, and joyfully create the destiny that is yours alone.”
– Jeff Salzman, Founder of Career Track, Integral Thought Leader

Now there is an ulterior motive here… I have to be honest… we are also trying to help Seth get Indestructible Success up to the Amazon Best-Seller Ranking. In the first 12 hours, the book went from #29,843 to #4,442 to #3,000 this morning… (probably higher by the time you read this)

I think it would be kind of cool to have another best-seller from Fairfield, don’t you?


Local Rockstar Lonnie Gamble-“Earth Care, People Care and Resource Share”

Written and presented by Molly Reiff at August Green Drinks, Friday August 31, 2012


Anyone who knows Lonnie probably knows a bit about Permaculture because it is very likely that that Permaculture is the reason you know him in the first place.  A broad topic indeed, it can be boiled down to 3 basic principles…Earth Care, People Care, Resource Share.  That is the lens through which I will talk about Lonnie tonight…

Earth Care

I’ve known Lonnie for 4 years now.  We first met when I returned to my hometown of FF to attend a PDC course through Big Green Summer in June of 2008.  I arrived at what I still think to be the most beautiful part of FF-the rolling hills of Lonnie’s homestead, which he opened to strangers to come together for 2 weeks to listen/learn/share/grow.  The classroom was a strawbale barn equipped with rainwater catchment/composting toilets, garden beds galore and was truly a living laboratory for attendees to experience the delights of being off the grid for two weeks, creating the ideal compost mix, open-air shared meals harvested two steps from the table, sometimes learning inside the classroom with walls that breathe and sometimes under a tree or busy at work/play learning a new set of skills and seeing things with new eyes.

He has had virtually no utility bill for 20 some years, lives a lifestyle fueled by renewable energy sources-rain, wind, sun. Leaving that kind of experience truly moved and having felt how comfortable/even luxurious life felt when care of the earth was a priority in each action on this farm, each of us went out in the world and carried around that knowledge that Lonnie had shared with us and it played a part in our actions and our decisions and shaped our thinking and who we are to this day!  And that was just one time around for this training.  Think about how many courses he has taught over the years…how many presentations he has shared that have made an impact-however big or small-on someone’s life.  Those minions J have shared pieces of that knowledge with others and impacted the way those people care for our earth.  The Earth is in truly better hands because of all of the lives you have impacted.

“Lonnie’s perspective is millennial, sociological, global, and creative.  Everything connects back to the wholeness of life on earth and the immediate relevance of my life, right now. “

“Lonnie has inspired me to walk my talk and live my life with much more integrity”

People Care

“Lonnie is a symbol of community.  He seems to be friends with everyone: he has friends literally all around the world, with all kinds of professions and cultural backgrounds.  He is always kind, receptive, and understanding of the range of perspectives that come up in discussions, and able to tie them back to the central questions of sustainability or to practical well-being in terms of a situation”

He knows almost all of the players in the field, if he doesn’t-he isn’t afraid to make connections and seek the people out that he feels will make a difference for others, even those literally on the other side of the globe.  He just reaches out and good things often come of it.  He was a major player in getting the FF Go Green Plan together-bringing together people from all backgrounds in that creation.  People have been known to relocate to Fairfield just to have the opportunity to work more closely with him.  He has been referred to as “the engine of the Sustainable Living Department”.

“His influence has transformed my life”

Resource Share

Lonnie has a passion for empowering new leaders, thinkers, and game-changers.  For passing the torch to the next generation-you can see all of the young energy that enlivens the SL program, our community and beyond and Lonnie has had a hand in that.  He is a walking library of information-knows which author/film to suggest for each situation…kind of like wine pairing with a fine meal.  At the local Farmers’ Market he is like the pied piper with people following him asking advice/seeking to glean a bit of his knowledge.  He can’t get out of that place in a hurry without an undercover disguise…that is truly rock star statusI I would guess many of us in this room are where we are in following our passions due to some interaction in the past with Lonnie.  That permaculture course 4 years ago brought me here…tonight…and now I am moving into the SL Dept myself to continue to round out that knowledge for myself and to witness how it inspires others.

That’s what forming this local Green Drinks is for: people who are passionate about our Earth, coming together to make connections with others to exchange knowledge.  Building Community/Awareness/Friendships->More Vital and Resilient Place to Live.

“Lonnie has been my education without going back to school.  I owe my job to him”.

“His genuine care for all people, his way of understanding the living mechanics of sustainability and the world as it is now, and his ceaseless entrepreneurship, friendship-building, and constant application of the knowledge he teaches make Lonnie an ideal role model.  I’m very grateful to have him as a teacher. “

I am honored to be able to work with you Lonnie because of your energy, enthusiasm & wealth of knowledge.  I am equally honored to be asked to present this award this evening.  From all of us to you…Lonnie: You are our Local Rockstar.

Mosaic Placemaking with Karla Christensen

EFF: Tell us a bit about yourself and the source of your inspiration.

Karla:  I grew up in Mexico and California where tile was bright, colorful and plentiful. I’ve always loved tile and began painting it a few years ago, after an eight month stay in Spain and Portugal, photographing, drawing and painting both classic and original designs. I love travel and other cultures, a home filled with handcrafted work, streets of stone, nature, public art in unexpected places.

My passion for medieval, sacred, folk and Romanesque designs adapts itself to the simple lines and bright colors of tile work. Combining whimsical and sacred, mundane and spiritual, I paint what I love to see, and like to use pre-renaissance kind of perspective, which means to me that the size and placement of objects has more to do with how I feel about them than about distance or point of view.  Thats why in my murals a dandelion flower might start ordinary and grow to mythical proportions.

There is a joy and comfort created by decorating one’s house to suit one’s taste.  Some of us take it a little further. We look at the town we live in and wonder what we could do to make it more the kind of place we like to live.

Stacey Hurlin was thinking like that when she created Fairfield 1st Fridays Art Walk, Betsy Howland and her daughters when they started Revelations.  With my background of living in Mediterranean countries, I often wish to bring tile and mosaic into Fairfield.  When I walk by my mosaics I’m happy, not because I made them, but because its the kind of colorful and cheerful ceramic work I like to see.

EFF: How does your work reflect sustainability?

Karla: My mosaic murals are made from recycled china, glass, pottery, stone and tile, as well as jewelry, stones, and other found objects. I also purchase primarily recycled glass tiles is colors I need.   Several companies make lovely irridescent glass tile from old coke bottles.

Community members gather at the murals to find where their donations were used.  They talk to each other about it, so in a way it becomes a kind of local memory wall, containing one person’s geodes, someone’s grandmother’s favorite teacup that came from the old country with them, a ceramic tile made by a child, a heart-shaped rock given as a love gift and carried back from Mallorca and on and on.   They give the visitors bureau stories with which to promote our community.  The broken materials are not in the landfill; instead they have been transformed into beautiful artwork.

EFF: Your work is beautiful–it’s hard to imagine the materials were destined for the landfill.  What are your community murals to date?

I have completed three large outdoor public art mosaic murals. Each was made with mostly recycled materials and community volunteers:


“Garden for Winter” 10′ by 6′ on the south outside wall of Revelations, 2010


“Sunflowers” 3′ by 11′ on the West wall of the walking alley, near the sidewalk on Broadway.2011


“Tea and Scenery” 10′ by 6′ on south wall outside Revelations 2012

All of these public art pieces have been partially funded by the Iowa Arts Council through the Fairfield First Fridays Artwalk’s Maze of Murals program.  Also from private donations and the Fairfield Cultural Alliance, and Revelations.

EFF: Tell us about Placemaking.  How does Placemaking happen with mosaics?

Placemaking is when community gathers to plan and make community spaces their own.  Placemaking invites community to take their town from generic to fascinating.

I invite community to participate in three ways:  1) They donate materials.  2) They tell me stories about the materials  3)Anyone is able to come to my studio to help make the mural, or come up to the wall to put some pieces in.  They can help as much or as little as they like.

Inviting community into the process creates: 1) good times for friends, and families, 2) buy-in for the work of art itself, 3)promotes community awareness 4)   I place the murals in locations that are well-traveled but not beautiful, and that creates interest in cleaning up the downtown walkways. 5) pride in accomplishment 6) its nice for me to have company, feedback, creative expression added to my own plans. 7) ownership

EFF:  So murals are great for recycling, placemaking, building community and aesthetics.  Benefit to planet and people are clear–what about profit?  Is there any economic benefit?

Karla:  Murals are good for the community because they attract tourists.  The more creative, expressive and unusual our town is the more tourists we get. Tourists spend money at local businesses, restaurants and motels.   Employing local artists and promoting them is also good for the economy.

EFF: What is your latest project?

Karla:  I have recently been selected for an Iowa State public art project, to create murals for the Marshalltown Veteran’s Home, the second largest veteran’s home in the U.S. The murals will be of recycled materials and will include participation of residents.

EFF: Where can your work be seen or purchased?

Karla:  In the studio I make painted tile murals, mosaics, tables, mirrors, frames, clocks, etc.  These small items can be seen and purchased at my studio during Art Walk or by appointment.  100 1/2 N. Main Apt 1.   I take commissions for mosaic and painted tile backsplashes, signs, architectural detail, and large murals, both indoor and out.  I also do mosaic consulting for those who wish to install their own mosaic detail and I give mosaic classes.  Many of the people in the classes do not need instruction, but come to enjoy doing a craft with a group of friends and or to use my comfortable fully supplied studio.

Some of my small pieces are on display at Revelations, in the gift section.

EFF: How can people learn more and take classes?

Karla: My website is

My phone 541-788-1703.  Studio visits by appointment.  Call to arrange.

“Making mosaic pots” a class to start September 8th, Saturdays, 2 to 4pm, four weeks, for $95. Limit six people.

Meet the Team: Our Logo Designer Paul J. Morehead

“My mission as a storyteller is to promote the possibilities of human potential through all forms of visual storytelling. By using only the most efficient, sustainable solutions in my process I can limit the impact on my environment to best serve our planet.” 
– Paul J. Morehead Jr. Animator/Storyteller/Teacher

It is rare you will find Paul J. Morehead without a sketchbook. At first you may assume Paul is an archeologist marking a site for excavation. Or a foreigner or tourist recording his journey. Both of these assumptions are not far off. When Paul isn’t scribbling, animating, or teaching the “art of seeing,” he is contemplating life’s mysteries, practicing Transcendental Medtation, performing healing work or DJing a gig in his hometown Fairfield, IA. Paul holds a BA in Digital Media from Maharishi University of Management (MUM), a certificate from VanArts 2D animation program in Vancouver, Canada. Most recently he completed a semester of Classical Life Drawing from The Animation Workshop in Denmark. If you ask him what he does, he will say, “I am a storyteller. A visual artist, sure. But that comes afterward. I let the message dictate the medium.”

Working as a professional freelance animator/illustrator for the past three years, Paul landed his first job as the lead animator and creative consultant for Grasshorse Animation Studios, in Mt. Pleasant, IA. It was there he co-taught a three-week intensive on the fundamentals of animation to a variety of Midwesterners, in the hopes to prepare potential Grasshorse employees. The recorded lectures from this class also helped initiate the new animation program at the Southeast Community College. At Grasshorse he received two Gold Addy Awards for ‘Best of TV’, and ‘Interactive Media Categories.’ Paul has also given animation lectures at MUM, the OCC University in Beijing, China, and taught a summer drawing & animation camp in Fairfield, IA. Recently co-teaching a workshop through the Beauty Shop’s ‘Musician Residency Program’ with Denver native, Laura Goldhamer.

Paul has a deep-rooted appreciation for of all forms of visual storytelling. Paul is currently writing a series of Modern “Micro Myths” for the awakening generation of young adults.

“My goal is to create an online interactive community that unifies different traditional cultures and spiritual backgrounds to a new understanding through storytelling. It will be a platform of learning how to reclaim our indigenous power by celebrating what makes us human. Company Motto: Educate, alleviate then celebrate. Educate people about life’s mystery, alleviate fear from separation, difference, or the unknown, and celebrate the universal nature of our species.”

 Thanks Paul for creating this beautiful logo, and best of luck with all your endeavors!


Back to the Basics Farm

Image  By Jan Swinton

Barb Grijalva is the gardener at “Back to the Basics Farm” just north of Fairfield: 2254
136th Blvd. Barb’s traditional Iowa garden has all of the normal seasonal vegetables
grown naturally along a mile of gravel road. “This has been an unusual year,” says
Grijalva, “we started so early, and then the sweetcorn was ready for harvest in June!”
Farm Market regulars will recognize Barb from her tables at the Fairfield Market. Her
baseball cap and pony tail let you know that she’s been out working in the sun. Her
helpful attitude and friendly service show why she is a favorite at the market.


A visit to her farm proves to be an adventure! The old barn that was built in the 1800’s
burned to the ground from a lightning bolt a few years ago, leaving behind the limestone
foundation. Barb is dismantling the piles of stone and re-constructing it to form a
more contemporary landscape. This creative attitude is apparent throughout the farm

Back to the Basics Farm is one of 6 stops on the Hometown Harvest “Savor the Flavor”
Farm Crawl set for Sunday, September 9, from noon to 6pm. You are welcome to tour
any of these farms in any order on that day. Maps of the whole route are available at
each farm, and at the Fairfield HyVee & Everybody’s Grocery. For more information,
please call the Hometown Harvest office at 641-472-6177.