Fairfield: The Next Greatest Version

The road ahead is certain. Certainly different. Certainly fast paced. Certainly evolutionary . You know that the greatest environmental problem of the mid-19th century was horse manure. Massive piles of it in Chicago, Boston, New York. The Mayors of all these towns met for a 10 day conference and quit after two days because there was no solution. Then a new paradigm of transportation emerged and solved the problem. It created a new set of problems. Of course, we are talking about the automobile.
What are the cutting edge innovations and paradigm shifts that will render current problems obsolete? What new way of thinking will it take? What is the next greatest version of your life, your community, the region and the nation? Creating a compelling future means having outrageous optimism while facing the brutal facts of current challenges. Let’s get on with it!

With honest assesment and aspirational enthusiasm, best-selling author, and EcoFairfield’s keynote speaker, Seth Braun will rouse the audience with a stirring string of stories, celebrations and suppositions about our collective future as the next greatest version of ourselves.


Seth Braun provides speaking, coaching, training and consulting services in support of individuals who want to develop their full personal and professional potential. He is also a devoted father and husband, an avid gardener, a musician, and a chocoholic. Braun’s new book Indestructible Success is about building your mind, heart and actions so that you can live your dreams and live (and leave) a legacy of creative and entrepreneurial work that makes a better world.

Braun and his daughters

Is this exciting or what?
EcoFairfield 2012
Serve. Connect. Inspire.
Because our locals are awesome!

So what is EcoFairfield, anyway?

Howdy! Welcome to our blog.
Whoever you are you’re part of our community, and part of EcoFairfield.  Why?  Because to us Sustainability is about inclusiveness–about the interconnected world.  We believe that when the relationships among us (people) and our environments are healthy, mutually beneficial, and strong, we will all enjoy greater happiness, and resilience in every way: ecologically, economically, psychologically, physically, culturally.

EcoFairfield 2012

EcoFairfield grew out of an annual college EcoFair sustainability conference into the beginnings of a movement to serve, connect, and inspire the citizens of Fairfield, Iowa.  Past EcoFairs highlighted specific aspects of sustainability and aimed to bring sustainability celebrities to Fairfield.  Yet in the process of finding local experts for additional workshops, we realized there is a wealth of knowledge right here in Fairfield.

This year our focus is on sharing the knowledge of local experts, the excellence of local vendors and businesses, and local projects that anyone can participate in throughout the year.  EcoFairfield is more than just an Earth Day weekend conference.  April 20-22nd is an opportunity for us to join together in hands on community service, to learn and celebrate, to build relationships with local and regional mentors, to delight at what is possible during the EcoJam Fashion show, to connect with green jobs, strengthen local economy and volunteerism, and to plug-in to city-wide energy efficiency efforts to save on personal utility bills.


EcoFairfield is a growing collaboration of the city of Fairfield, Fairfield Public Library, Iowa State Extension, Fairfield Volunteer Center, Maharishi University of Management, MyLocal Cooperative, the Dharma Foundation, the Bonnell Building Project, and Fairfield Rotaract.  All community members and organizations are invited to participate and join the organizing team.  We look forward to participating in the Alliant Energy Hometown Rewards Program launch also taking place Earth Day Weekend.

So what is EcoFairfield, anyway?
It depends. What do you want it to be?

EcoFairfield 2012
Serve. Connect. Inspire.
Because our locals are awesome!

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