Back to the Basics Farm

Image  By Jan Swinton

Barb Grijalva is the gardener at “Back to the Basics Farm” just north of Fairfield: 2254
136th Blvd. Barb’s traditional Iowa garden has all of the normal seasonal vegetables
grown naturally along a mile of gravel road. “This has been an unusual year,” says
Grijalva, “we started so early, and then the sweetcorn was ready for harvest in June!”
Farm Market regulars will recognize Barb from her tables at the Fairfield Market. Her
baseball cap and pony tail let you know that she’s been out working in the sun. Her
helpful attitude and friendly service show why she is a favorite at the market.


A visit to her farm proves to be an adventure! The old barn that was built in the 1800’s
burned to the ground from a lightning bolt a few years ago, leaving behind the limestone
foundation. Barb is dismantling the piles of stone and re-constructing it to form a
more contemporary landscape. This creative attitude is apparent throughout the farm

Back to the Basics Farm is one of 6 stops on the Hometown Harvest “Savor the Flavor”
Farm Crawl set for Sunday, September 9, from noon to 6pm. You are welcome to tour
any of these farms in any order on that day. Maps of the whole route are available at
each farm, and at the Fairfield HyVee & Everybody’s Grocery. For more information,
please call the Hometown Harvest office at 641-472-6177.