Apply to be a vendor online! There are many ways to be green. If you make, bake, or grow your products, have a small locally owned business, or keep the health of planet and people in mind when sourcing and selling your products (e.g. Organic, Fairtrade, or Health & Wellness products), or upcycle materials, you’re in! We’ll confirm your application was received, and e-mail you event day details and booth options, a contract, and payment information.

2017 Booth Application

Green Fair Details

Vendor set up is from 8am-9am Saturday May 20th. The Green Fair is open to the public 9am-2:30pm Saturday May 20th.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail following your online application, along with a contract and further schedule details.

Booth Options:

Single Booth-$25, 8 ft across x 6 ft deep. Room for one 6 ft long table.

Corner Booth-$35, 8 ft across x 8 ft deep. Room for two 6 ft long tables.

Double Booth-$40, 16 ft across x 6 ft deep. Room for two adjacent 6 ft long tables.

Electricity-Additional $5

Plastic Folding Table-Additional $5 for  use of 6 ft plastic folding table (limited supply–will be reserved in order of payments received)

Free-Use of up to 2 plastic folding chairs per vendor (please reserve)