Green Vendors Sale

EcoFairfield Green Products and Services Directory
for April 21, 2012 Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Sale

Adams Furniture Making  Doug Adams
Handcrafted hardwood cutting boards, inlaid trivets, chess boards with pieces, spatulas

American Choice Water  Richard Trice

Amrita Products – Please see: Highest Quality Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils

Amazon Herbs – Please see: Optimum Wellness Inc

Best Nest Home Goods Birdhouses, Pillows and Upcycled Handpainted Furniture
Holly Moore  Email:

Handpainted Indoor-Outdoor Birdhouses made of non-toxic and renewable materials which the birds love and use!  Hand-stenciled  100% cotton avian-themed pillows and covers.  New and just for EcoFairfield:  Upcycled hand-painted furniture featuring Faux Van Gogh paintings, handpainted fabrics.  One-of-a-kind works of functional art for your home, apartment or dorm.

Dharma Foundation Goods and Services Sale Event organizer, and seller of organic cotton yoga pants and baby slings donated by MAPI. All profits donated to the Dharma Scholarship Fund. Donations to the Fund are  welcomed.

Earthing Products Jim Lind at 641-233-1211  email:

Physical contact with the surface of the earth is known to be very beneficial to health by flooding the body with the earth’s energy. Modern humans have lost their natural regular contact with the earth. Earthing products are designed to allow us to sleep Certified organic or wild crafted- 100% pure, highest quality for maximum potency and effectivenessconnected to the earth, which improves the quality of sleep and healing. Another Earthing product protects the body from EMF while on the computer. All Earthing products dramatically lower inflammatory symptoms which reduces pain.
Earth Wisdom. Colleen Bell, 641-472-7010,   info@earth-wisdom.netWith the Mission “To use Nature’s Gifts to Heal, Educate and Nourish people to live their Highest Good” Earth Wisdom offers a rich, diverse, array of Natural, Herbal, Organic & Wholesome products.  An Organic Master Gardener, Colleen grows many of her own herbs in her large permaculture, 4 season garden.  Most of the products are made locally..
Many products contain Pure Essential Oils that are powerful transformational vehicles. They are mixed with herbs, Subtle Flower Essences and various ingredients to create skin and Body care products that uplift, relax, wake up, open the heart, moderate the appetite and ease pain.Some of the most popular Products are:  Powerful, Muscle Ease Mist, Lavender Mist, InJoy Mist, Face Food, Gardeners Balm (hand cream), Super Healing Salve, Herbal Healing Lip Balms,  SIlk filled Eye Pillows, Natural Heating/Cooling, Cherry Pit Filled Soothing Sacs,  Raw Silk Shawl/Meditation Blankets,  Chia Seeds, Aquaponic Gardening Books and Misc Gardening products including a few plants. . . .
Endangered Species ChocolatesEd Monk
Funky Fairy Art  Cindy Travers 641 472 5176
Fun, handmade items from recycled wool sweaters-
sweater coats, arm warmers, scarves, headbands and toys.

GoJindy Danielle Wallace and Heather Wingo 641-226-0055 email:
We care about our environment and we love to craft. Our products are upcycled. That means we use materials you’d normally throw away and use them to make great gifts for everyone. Think about cardboard, plastic bags, magazines, slightly used clothing etc. Our products are unique and one of a kind. Help us create the world to be a better place!
Donations are welcome as we like to create a Craft Cafe with Indoor Playground here in Fairfield where we can teach especially kids how to take care of the environment.

Highest Quality Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils  641 469 3110
Dr. Lisa Ashelman, Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant, Technologies for World Peace
VedAroma and Amrita products and various diffusers, plus my own line of products-
blends, creams, skin, nerve, and emotional support, focusing on Helichrysum’s profound versatile power. Discounts may apply. Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultation appointments. Some clients say results are “like magic.”

Himalayan Dreams Josh Adams
Rayon shawls imported from India, silk scarves from Thailand, hand painted wooden bracelets, and hand carved hair sticks.

India Cafe Chef Suresh  Chai and hot lunch buffet offered. $3, $5, $8 plates.

Saag Paneer, Rice Pilaf, Dal, Chicken, Nan, and Samosas.

Lohrainne K. Janell Jewelry Lohrainne Janell 641 472 3540
Elegant, creative handmade locally produced artisan jewelry made with natural semi-precious gemstones and metals such as pearls, lapis, coral, agate, copper, sterling silver, and much more. Unique and orginal.

Martha’s Scarves
Beautiful silk scarves dyed with non-toxic, low-impact dyes. Many colors and styles.

Michele Poster Jewelry Creations
Michele Poster
Phone Number: (641) 469-6245

Quality handcrafted jewelry using sterling silver, 14K gold-filled, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, and more!  I create a variety of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and rings.

I’ve been designing and creating jewelry for over 15 years.  My jewelry is currently sold in stores as well as directly to customers nationally.

I am committed to offering excellent customer service with a personal touch.

Midwest Myotherapy Michael and Diana Fleischman
Trigger Point Myotherapy and Exercise for relief of pain and muscle spasm.
Offering Myotherapy Area Fixes at the EcoFairfield event.

Norwex Tracey Struchen

Optimum Wellness Inc – Amazon Herbs – Maryann Hesse
Whole wild botanicals, sustainably harvested by Indigenous peoples. More than fair trade. Come and experience dense nutrition and nourishment as Mother Nature intended.  Tea, chocolate, and skin care from the virgin soils of the Peruvian rainforest will be available for sampling. A portion of every purchase goes toward permanently preserving precious land and trees and providing the natives peoples a sustainable way to make a living.

Pickle Creek Herbal 319 694 3054
Pickle Creek is a certified-organic, family owned herb farm. We make herb-infused olive oils & vinegars, herbal jellies, and herbal soaps, salves, & lip balms out of our herbs. When growing our herbs, we focus on creating high-quality plants through using sustainable growing practices to nourish and protect our soil. In addition, by using locally grown products, we reduce unnecessary shipping wastes. We also accept glass bottles from customers for reuse. Bottles may be returned to us at our booth at the EcoFairfield Green Goods and Services Sale.

Raenite Orignial Design Natural Fiber Garmets and Origami  Raenite 641 209 9174
Original design natural fiber hats, collars, cuffs, fingerless gloves, scarves, leg warmers; Orgami greeting cards and jewelry; and more.

Richard Adams

VedAroma – Please see: Highest Quality Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils
Dr. Lisa Ashelman, Maharishi Aroma Therapy Consultant. Technologies of World Peace

  • Enlivens the body’s own self-healing mechanism and awakens it inner intelligence to restore vitality, health, happiness, and wholeness in body, mind, and soul.
  • Instilled with Vedic sounds – the primordial life-supporting language of Nature- containing the evolutionary knowledge of total natural law to nourish all aspects of life.
  • Supports World Peace Programs.

Winter Moon Pottery Mark Wilkins
Handcrafted functional Japanese style pottery with non-toxic lead free glazes

YES! Kindness Works Ed Monk

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