Saturday Afternoon/Evening

SATURDAY April 21rst

  • Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, 200 North Main Street

    • 9am-4pm Vendors Fair, FACC Expo Hall

    • 9am-4pm Jobs & Education Fair, Meeting Room #1

    • 12:45–1:45 pm Some Principles of Place, Mike Cook, Meeting Room #2

      Story time with lots of photos as we take a look at a deeper meaning of the word ‘place’ and it’s role in society, ourselves, and our growth.
      Business meerkats (note their circular gathering) & Place photo by Michael, who grew up in Fairfield and recently moved back with his wife Rachel.  Learn more about The [Magical] Michael Cook, his place making adventures, and excellent artwork here:

      2 pm–3pm Plant Wisdom holds the Key to Radiant Vitality at Any Age,  Maryann Hesse, Meeting Room #2

      IMG_0086.JPG  AHC logo.jpg
      Imagine plants growing in pristine virgin soil deep in the heart of the
      Rainforest. Plants store information within them just as humans do. Imagine
      the vast amount of information these whole wild botanicals contain. Theirs is
      a message of ecological harmony and balance going back for generations.

      Scientists now confirm that new discoveries in Rainforest plants hold the keys
      to reversing degenerative disease and accelerating health and vitality for us
      and future generations.

      Come and learn some of the secrets the medicine men and women have known for
      centuries that make it possible to experience a high quality of lifelong,
      radiant vitality. This program will include a tasting of some delicious
      “guilt free” healthy chocolate, sustainably harvested and obtained in a
      ‘more than fair trade’ way.

    • IMG_0078.JPGIMG_0069.JPG

      Rejuvenation from the RF logo.GIF

      Braun and his daughters

    • 3:30–4:30 pm  EcoFairfield Breakout Session Branding Fairfield: Leadership Round Table, Seth Braun

      Seth Braun will facilitate a meeting of leaders in Business, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Personal Growth, Organizational Change, Food Production, Professional Development and Local Economies. We will go through a short visioning process, break into small groups and network with each other for cross-pollination possibilities within the community. This is YOUR chance to get caught up on what other leaders are doing and for YOU to build potential partnerships for your endeavors. If you want Fairfield to be a vibrant place with a robust economy, be at this event.
  • MUM Campus, 1000 North 4th St.

    • 12:30pm Sustainable Living Center Tour with Vastu Architect Jon Lipman

    • 1-2 pm, Water Flouridation, Richard Wolfson, Sustainable Living Center

      Topics include: Why did over 275 cities in North America remove fluoride from their water? Extensive research showing fluoride causes hypothyroidism, damages skeleton, brain, and intelligence, and causes other health problems. Is fluoride really used as rat poison?  Is the natural fluoride in Fairfield’s water safe? How can we protect ourselves?

    • 1-1:45pm, Fortune-Creating® Homes and Building, Jon Lipman, Sustainable Living Center

    • 2pm Sustainable Living Center Tour with Vastu Architect Jon Lipman

    • 1-2 & 2-3pm Haiku and Renga: Observing Nature in the Moment, Nynke Passi Sustainable Living Center

      Nynke Passi is a favorite writing teacher beloved by students of all ages.  She is a published poet and author with powerful, refined, and well-crafted work that transports the reader to the realm of experience.  She resides in Fairfield with her husband and is faculty at MUM.
  • Broadway & B Street Parking Lot

    • 2:30 – 3:30pm Tree Planting, Emily Swihart of Trees Forever

  • Sustainable Living Coalition, 2151 185th St

    • Sunrise–11pm Music & Legend Sacred Fire Circle

    • 9am-3 pm Traditional Native American craft workshops (dream catchers, medicine bags, sleeping mats)

      dream catchers
  • St Mary’s Project, 404 North 3rd Street

    • 2-5pm Open House

  • Fairfield Public Library, 104 West Adams Avenue

    • Afternoon Movie 1-3pm – “A Little Salsa on the Prairie: The Changing Character of Perry, Iowa”

    • Early Evening Movie – 5-7pm – “American Meat”

  • Sunnybrook Living Care Center, 400 Highland Street

    • Relay for Life Carnival, 11am–4pm ($5 to admission to participate in activities)


      Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, 200 North Main Street

      7pm Doors open for EcoJam Fashion

      Show, Expo Hall

      EcoJam Tickets: $10
      Prize give-aways to lucky audience members donated by our Sponsors
  • Beauty Shop, 60 West Burlington Ave.

    • 10:30pm EcoJam After Party

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