SUNDAY April 22nd

  • Sustainable Living Coalition, 2151 185th St

    • Sunrise–Sacred Fire closing


 We are expecting great weather and are excited for a great turnout this weekend.  Included is a map of Chautauqua Park that details planting location and end-of-day celebration location.  Looking forward to seeing you there!Map of Dig In location

Parking is at the western entrance to the park and street parking along adjacent streets.  End-of-day events (BBQ and live music) will be at shelter #2 marked with a star.  Planting location is marked with a checkered flag…please sign in at check-in prior to planting.  Walk to the lower part of the park and jump on the trail marked with a yellow arrow for a quick bit until you arrive at check-in.  Alternately, arrive via the trail on your bike.  Select traffic (families with small children or volunteers with wheelbarrows, lots of shovels, etc.) will be allowed access into the park via car to park at the far eastern parking lot.  Hope to see you there!


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